The Yiyuan Garden with more than 3,000 trees seems to have a mystic and reassuring magic. The strong vitality displayed by the old trees and the well-planned facilities make the 13-hectare park combined with a humanistic classroom of nature and education.


About Yiyuan Resort

About Us

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the tranquility of nature surrounded by old trees. The most relaxing holiday.

Yiyuan Resort is located between the Huadong Rift Valley and next to Hualien Creek. At first, the founder was engaged in animal husbandry. The founder and his wife went out early and returned late, working hard. They often had to transport livestock products to the North.On the long journey, They would rest under the dense big Banyan trees on the roadside, eat lunch, and chat about the future, making difficult days as sweet as drunkenness and letting the founder’s heart create a deep inseparable relationship with the old trees.

Later, as Taiwan’s economy grew up, cement buildings rose from the ground, and it was imperative to widen the traffic roads. As usual, when the founder drove the livestock products to the North, he saw the broken tree block on the roadside, which was lifted onto the truck by a crane. The founder was surprised that the tree was the one where he and his wife were resting there. The big tree fell to the ground and was ruthlessly destroyed by the chainsaw, and the memory also lost as the old tree passed away.


What does an old tree represent? It is not just a tree. It actually carries the stories and emotions of many people in the past. Since then, the founder felt sorry for the tree, The thought of protecting the tree surged in his heart, and he wished that he would never see any big tree fall down again.
Since then, the founder heard that a large tree was about to be felled, so he transplanted the tree back regardless of the cost, which consumed a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, in order not to let the tree lose its life and let people’s memories remain. Every tree planted in Yiyuan is regarded as a family member of “careful maintenance”. Perhaps the old trees have felt the founder’s intentions, and they have grown strong and flourished here, continuing their lives. In order to pass on the concept of tree protection and tree love to the next generation, the founder gave up his original animal husbandry business and transformed it into a sightseeing, leisure, and leisurely tourism industry. In the end, the land was rejuvenated and gave birth to Yiyuan Holiday Resort.
Adhering to the founding spirit of protecting trees and loving trees, we are committed to the development of natural ecology and environmental education. So far, we have become one of the top 25 tourism and amusement industries in Taiwan, and have passed the environmental education facility “Yiyuan Ecological Primary School” certified by the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan. , We won the 7th National Environmental Education Award in the private business group in 2020. A first in the country in. We hope that every tourist who comes to Yiyuan Resort can get a full rest here and feel the nature and humanity of this land. Yiyuan Resort sincerely invites you to come.

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