The Yiyuan Garden with more than 3,000 trees seems to have a mystic and reassuring magic. The strong vitality displayed by the old trees and the well-planned facilities make the 13-hectare park combined with a humanistic classroom of nature and education.



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In the morning, Chinese and Western style buffet breakfast or delicious set menu will bring you a full day of vitality.

In the evening, enjoy YiYuan’s House Chinese-style combined cuisine or Aboriginal-style combined cuisine, using Hualien’s local ingredients that are non-toxic and pollution-free, giving you the most primitive and authentic rural feast.

Meeting & Wedding

YiYuan Resort provides high-quality meeting venues and large-scale wedding banquet venues.


Multiple customized venues, meetings and large wedding banquets, have large screens and basic equipment required for audio-visual teaching.


Enjoy the leisure environment surrounded by Phytoncide, so that all customers can enjoy the most honorable hospitality!


It can accommodate up to 600 people.

Welcome to inquire, reservation line:
(03) 865-1166 #11


Welcome to inquire, reservation hotline : (03) 865-1166 #11
Reunion BBQ Fun The time to get together is always fun. Yiyuan selects BBQ ingredients to make it easy for you to reunite and BBQ like at home, and enjoy the holiday with relaxing and joy.