The Yiyuan Garden with more than 3,000 trees seems to have a mystic and reassuring magic. The strong vitality displayed by the old trees and the well-planned facilities make the 13-hectare park combined with a humanistic classroom of nature and education.


Activity Services

DIY experience

There are no cold iron King Kongs or plastic Barbies. And, no electronic products that hurt children’s eyes. There are all kinds of beautiful, fun, and delicious food of DIY experiences here. Let's make creative ideas with your loving children. Make family memories with laughter and fun!

Kiln Baked Pizza・Painted flower po・Leaf Vein Bookmark・Eco moss bottle・Paper scientist・“Bang“bang”bang” Candy・Tasty bamboo Rice・Log creation・Transplant seedlings

Night Party Event

The starry sky is his curtain, and the grassland is his stage. A group of Amis youths offer warm and sincere blessings to travelers from afar. The traditional delicacy of the Ami tribe in Durham for the guests, and finally made a wish for the vast Milky Way and raise the sky lantern. (The party activities are arranged according to the situation of the day, and the resort reserves the right to change the party)

Voice of the Native ・Group activity game・Making rice cake experience・Sky lantern blessing・Night campfire

Off - Campus Teaching

The partners of the Ecological Primary School strive to convey the concept of sustainable development of environmental conservation to more people.

We patrolled various schools and organizations to share the experience of ecological conservation in YiYuan.

Pet Service

Yiyuan Resort creates a pet-friendly space. We will provide pet snacks and pet cleaning supplies. There is a pet sports park in the park.

Welcome to bring your family's fur children and cats on vacation! (Pets will be charged separately.