The Yiyuan Garden with more than 3,000 trees seems to have a mystic and reassuring magic. The strong vitality displayed by the old trees and the well-planned facilities make the 13-hectare park combined with a humanistic classroom of nature and education.


Intimate reminder

Forcipomyia taiwana (little Black King Kong) control

Forcipomyia taiwana are also known as black mosquitoes and black King Kong. They love living in bamboo forests, turf, and woods where algae grow. The dense, humid and rainy planting area in Hualien is suitable for the growth of black mosquitoes, so please take precautions when visiting Hualien Mosquito measures.


1.Wear light long-sleeved clothing for outdoor activities. Wear shoes and socks to cover your ankles. Black mosquitoes like to bite on elbows and ankles.
2.Spray anti-mosquito liquid, especially on the back of the neck, elbows and ankles. Depend on how much you sweat, it is recommended to spray it every 60 minutes.

What we are working on

Falling leaves return to their roots

At present, Yiyuan is using the method of covering with fallen leaves to inhibit the growth of moss and algae, so as to eliminate the food source of black mosquitoes. Hopefuly, you can see YiYuan’s efforts.

However, during the tour, you will also need to prepare for mosquito prevention so that you can avoid the sweet kiss of the little black mosquitoes.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

When you come to Hualien to enjoy the scenery and breathe the fresh air, the venomous sun on your head is kissing you, and easy to get sunburned, so it is very important to take sun protection! YiYuan Resort reminds you to go out for a walk. Make the following preparations:
1.Carry a light jacket: the simplest harmless sun protection measures, taking into account the effects of sun protection and mosquito control, the disadvantage is that it may be hotter if worn for a long time.

2.Apply sunscreen: When buying sunscreen, you need to choose one that suits you. Remember to reapply sunscreen regularly. If you have a water trip, it is recommended to buy ocean-friendly sunscreen to protect natural creatures. For related sunscreen knowledge, please refer to the extended reading.

Further reading-knowledge supply station for sunscreen lotion

1. Knowing the ultraviolet rays can really protect against the sun:
Ultraviolet rays (light) that can cause harm to the human body have two wavelengths: UV-A and UV-B.

UV-A (wavelength 280~320nm): cause skin redness and sunburn. UV-B (wavelength 320~400nm): skin melanin precipitation and aging.

2.What does the SPF/PA indicated on sunscreen lotion mean? ﹡The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) value, the stronger the UV-B blocking effect, which can prolong the time for the skin to be red.
﹡SPF(Sun Protection Factor)
﹡﹡PA (Protection Grade of UV-A rays) is the protection against UV-A, the more + sign the stronger the protection effect.

3.Is it better to buy sunscreen with a higher SPF coefficient when buying?

The higher the SPF/PA value, the stronger the protection, which also means that the thicker the texture makes the skin less permeable and prone to acne and allergies.

4.How often do I need to reapply sunscreen?

Generally speaking, you can get the best sun protection effect by applying sunscreen every two hours during outdoor activities.

5.The choice of sunscreen lotion can be determined according to your needs:

SPF10~20/PA+~++: general daily activities such as going out for a short time shopping.
SPF20~30/PA++: Perform light physical activity outdoors.
SPF30~55/PA+++~: Long-term intense sun exposure, such as playing in the beach and water sports.

6.Waterproof of sunscreen & ocean-friendly sunscreen:

Oil-water double-layer sunscreen: Usually, please shake it evenly or put in rolling balls before use. This kind of sunscreen has better water resistance, but the waterproof performance needs to refer to the bottle label. Generally, most of the commercially available sunscreens fall into this category. Gel-type sunscreen: A gel-like sunscreen that is dry and not sticky. It is easy to lose the sunscreen effect due to sweating. It is easy to clean and only needs to be washed with water.

﹡Ocean Friendly sunscreen lotion:

The specific ingredients of sunscreen lotion will bleach the corals in the sea, increase the mortality rate, damage coral DNA, and feminize adult male fish, which, in short, threatens the survival of marine life. Whether it is in freshwater waters, swimming pools, or oceans, if you put on sunscreen and go into the water, the water will eventually return to the ocean, posing a threat to sea creatures. With the advancement of science and technology, these ingredients harmful to the marine environment have been identified one by one. They should be excluded as much as possible from the ingredients of sunscreen. Choose ocean-friendly sunscreen (labeled Ocean Friendly) to take care of the environment.